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Pavel Akimkin

Pavel Akimkin was born in the city of Kursk. He graduated from a music-oriented high school with a specialty in the bayan (the Russian accordion). He entered the Gnesin College of Music in 1998 in order to become a folk choir conductor. In 2006 he graduated from Oleg Kudryashov's acting class at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). His theatre roles include: The Author in Asar Eppel's The Grassy Street, directed by Svetlana Zemlyakov; Sergei Snegiryov in Nina Sadur's “Bullfinches", based on Viktor Astafyev's novel “The Damned and the Dead,” directed by Timofei Sopolyov and Mikhail Chumachenko; Khoma in Nikolai Gogol's "Viy, directed by Svetlana Zemlyakov; The Waiter in “Blue Beard,” directed by Oleg Kudryashov; Kai in Alexander Demakhin and Roman Ignatyev's musical “The Tender Queen,” directed by Veronika Rodionova; The Drug Addict in Vladimir Pankov's production of “Passage”; Title role in Saint-Exupery's “The Little Prince,” directed by Yevgeny Tkachuk; Lycaste, Servant and the Sailor in “The Bachelor Moliere” at the Contemporary Play School.

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