29 August
7 p.m. / Театр им. Вл. Маяковского, ул. Б. Никитская, 19/13
3 September
7 p.m. / Новое Пространство. Страстной бульвар, д.12, стр.2
Касса  +7 (495) 629 37 39
Alexander Grishin

Alexander Grishin graduated in 2001 from Alexei Borodin's acting class at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). From 2001 to 2004 he was a member of the company of the South-West Theatre. He joined the company of the Russian National Youth Theatre in 2004, where he has performed in numerous productions. His roles in shows directed by Alexei Borodin include: the Stationmaster in Chekhov's “The Cherry Orchard,” Scoron in Alfred de Musset's “Lorenzaccio,” Klaus in Boris Akunin's “Erast Fandorin,” Arkasha in Akunin's “Ying and Yang: Black Version,” Nikolai Sazonov and Zenkovich in Tom Stoppard's trilogy “The Coast of Utopia.” At the Russian National Youth Theatre he has also performed as: Yegorushka in Veniamin Smekhov's production of Nikolai Erdman's “The Suicide,” Burkewitz in Smekhov's production of M. Ageev's (Vladimir Nabokov's) “Romance with Cocaine,” Doktorenko in Regis Obadia's production of Fyodor Dostoevsky's “The Idiot,” and Pasha in Anton Yakovlev's production of Vasily Sigarev's “The Guppy.” In other theatres Grishin has performed as Barefoot in Sergei Aldonin's production of Mikhail Bulgakov's “The Master and Margarita” at the Stanislavsky Theatre, and as Zhenya in “Young People,” an independent production of Vyacheslav Grishechkin. Grishin has won numerous prizes at literary reading competitions. He has performed in numerous films, including: Sergei Solovyov's “A Tender Age,” Alexander Proshkin's “Trio,” Alexander Atanesyan's “Svolochi” (Sons-of-Bitches) and Oleg Ryaskov's “The Sovereign's Servant.” He has performed in television serials, including: “Brigade,” “Russian Amazon Women — 2,” “Moscow — Central District,” “Soldiers,” “Life is Hunting Field,” “My Love,” “Who's Master in the House.” He has worked in television and has done dubbing for films, including “Our Favorite Animals.” He has participated in the program “20th Century Secrets,” including programs about Marilyn Monroe, the young Peter the Great and others.

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