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Alexander Gorelov

In 2001-2002 Gorelov was an actor with the Russian Drama Theatre in Riga. After finishing the Shchukin Drama School in 2006, (the acting class of V. Poglazov) he was qualified as drama theatre, film and variety actor. In 2004 Gorelov represented Russia at the International Festival of Antique Drama in Pathos (Cyprus). In 2005 he attended Tadashi Suzuki's master class in the village of Toga (Japan). In 2006-2007 Gorelov performed Milt Manvill in Love after Murray Schizgal (director A. Nazarov, “Malakyantz Open Theatre”) As of 2009 he is an actor with “Another Theatre” where he performs in O. Mukhina's LoveStory (Man, Dwarf), directed by O. Zekhovich. In 2009-2010 Gorelov collaborated with the Moscow Art Theatre Magistracy at the Meyerhold Center where he appeared in The Dead Souls after Nikolai Gogol (Chichikov), directed by A. May; Viy (Homa Brut), directed by A. Milkis, The Government Inspector (Zemlyanika, Postmaster), directed by A. Levinsky. Gorelov appeared in the films The Field, the Clown, the Apple (director Sh. Gamisonia); A Skirt from Heaven (director Y. Drumova); The Valley of Roses (director D. Cherkasova), To Run (director O. Subbotina).

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