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After 30 years on stage and 18 years from the foundation of his own company, choreographer Tero Saarinen felt a need to use the art of dance to explore the shifting, mutating feelings of a man. He brought together a band of eight male dancers of different ages and various dance backgrounds, resulting in a riveting work about life and change, not only of men but of mankind.

“Movement is a perpetual source of inspiration for me. In my works I aim to create a living, multi-layered, powerfully expressive movement that rises up from primal wellsprings. In this new work I particularly wanted to play around with opposing forces and frictions.

The last work that I choreographed solely for men – my group’s first piece, and one still in our repertoire: Westward Ho! – came of age this year. Eighteen years on, I felt a need to bring together men of different ages and various dance backgrounds, this time to address themes such as change and sensuality. I cannot deny that my approaching half century and having a performing career of more than 30 years behind me have influenced my desire specifically to use the art of dance to deal with the shifting, mutating feelings that a man experiences. When I was looking for music for the piece, I came across Esa-Pekka Salonen’s compositions Concert etude for solo horn (2000), Foreign Bodies (2001) and Violin Concerto (2009). What inspired me in them, apart from their kinetic quality, was the way in which they switch from brutally aggressive to soft. Salonen’s music has provided a thought –provoking, multi-dimensional initial spark for dealing with the manifold emotions and virtuosity of a man – a man dancing.
Undaunted by the extremes of sensitivity and heroism, and all that lies between, I and these eight dancers have aspired to the boundlessness of the expressive power of the human body, liberating movement – and to be a man.“

Tero Saarinen

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Supported by:
Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

With thanks to:
Embassy of Finland in Moscow
Finnish-Russian Dance Exchange Programme

The performance opened on 16th of August 2014 
Running time — 60 minutes 

Продолжительность: 00 ч. 00 мин.