29 August
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3 September
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With My Own Eyes

These stories of the Great Patriotic War will allow one to look at the past not through the eyes of millions, but through the eyes of individuals - frightened, restless people, in whose lifes one June morning of 1941 did occur. The morning that changed the plans of a little violinist, who, instead of taking part in the children's competition, played his last "Internationale" during the Jewish execution. A sunny morning, when the prima ballerina went not to the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, but to the front, tearing her pointe shoes on boards, concrete, sand, soiling them in mud and fuel oil. The morning of a girl from Leningrad, who got to know the acute happiness of celebrating the next New Year alive among the corpses laying numb in the street, and even being able to wash with her friends in an ice-cold apartment. All these stories seem to be taken from the same album, from the same diaries where we enter our first love, our first poor grade, the first poems, the first victory...

“We wanted to abandon the usual military pathos, generalizations, slogans, service-shirts and even songs from the front,” says author and director Dmitry Serdyuk. - The orchestra, which will become a separate chacter on stage, namely Mikhail Spasibo and Polina Lundstrem, wrote compositions  in the style of minimalist and experimental music especially for the performance. This may seem incompatible to some, but I deliberately put the events of those years in a modern frame. After all, my generation, which did not see that war, and our children, for whom all this is even more abstract, will look at it. And it is important for me to tell this very truthfully, so that my peers believe the story and think: what now would make people go to fight for their homeland now?"

All characters' stories are based on documentary events. For each monologue, the actors of the sand art theater "Sands of Time" created vivid images that appear on the screen along with the military chronicle. The production features excerpts from the prose of Vasily Grossman, Bulat Okudzhava, and also presents on the stage the graphics of the Russian artist, front-line soldier Yevgeny Rastorguev during the Great Patriotic War for his 100th anniversary. War in pencil sketches, seen with my own eyes.

Премьера: May 7, 2021 Продолжительность: 01 ч. 30 мин. 12+
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