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Karenina. The process

Alla Sigalova, the director and author of the stage version, decided to explore the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy through the prism of a divorce case in which there are three main characters: Anna Karenina, Alexei Karenin and Alexei Vronsky. This is a swift and sensual performance about three forms of love, about three worldviews, about three positions in life, about three personalities whose paths are crossed paths at one point by the will of fate. The outcome of this collision is a tragic death. This is the point where different understandings of duty, responsibility, and most importantly, love intersect. This is a reflection on the search for ideal relationships in the family, on the impossibility of finding the truth, on the overt and hidden motives that move people, on the secrets of the soul, on sensuality and the peculiarities of passion and love.

“For me, the novel Anna Karenina is, first of all, a seductive plot that opens up endless new facets of, it is close to me and interesting because of this love haze that seized the characters. It attracts one, one wants to understand, disassemble and analyze it. The way the absolutely banal progress of a lawsuit is introduced into the hot flesh of passion provides a powerful contrast that allows one to perceive this story even sharper,’ - says Alla Sigalova. – At different periods of my life, I went from being absolutely in love with Anna to her most severe condemnation, but then I returned to delight towards her again. And the swing of this pendulum, which exists inside each of us in relation to Anna, does not become smaller with the accumulation of life experience, but, rather, on the contrary, it increases.”

The role of Anna Karenina was conceived by Sigalova for Sofya Ernst, a theater and film actress, who was also a student of Alla Sigalova at the Moscow Art Theater School, with whom they released a graduation performance Journey to Twin Peaks based on David Lynch's cult TV series and the production The XXth Century. The Ball at the Moscow Art Theatre. The role of Alexei Karenin will be performed by Igor Mirkurbanov, and Sergey Yakovlev will play Alexei Vronsky. Sigalova also came up with the role for herself – that one of a prosecutor trying to figure out who is to blame for the Karenins' divorce. Nikolai Samsonov will act as the defendant's lawyer.

“To explore the characters of the novel Anna Karenina, to dissect their relationship is such a fascinating thing that you can return to it endlessly. Like any work of art, this book is so multifaceted, there are so many hooks hidden in it that one can pull to solve one’s questions, that it can inspire creative people to creating their own works in various genres,” - says Alla Sigalova.

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